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I would like to share these links. I think they will be interesting and helpful to others.
  Alderwood Massage Therapy on Facebook  

Alderwood Massage Therapy / Facebook
Check out my FaceBook page for more information.

  Motivational Books  

'Sand Matters' books
Inspirational books co-authored by my wife Debbie and her siblings using the Sand in an Hour Glass to represent the time you have in your life and the sand passing through in the moment to represent the 'Now'. These are a collection of short stories, essays, poems and photos to support the concept of living in the moment.

Where to purchase 'Sand Matters' books (click here)
Sand Matters books can be purchased direct through BookLocker; search for 'Sand Matters'.

Read a sample: Isn't it about time your Sand Matters? (click here)
Enjoy reading a sample of the first 20 pages of the book 'Isn't it about time your Sand Matters?'

  My School  

Oregon School of Massage (click here)
Oregon School of Massage. Engaging the whole person.. body, mind and spirit.

  Resorts / Hot springs  

Breitenbush Hot Springs (click here)
Breitenbush Hot Springs, a retreat and conference center located East of Salem near Detroit Oregon. A place gifted by Nature ... cared for by a community dedicated to service. Their Mission: To provide a safe and potent environment where people can renew and evolve in ways they never imagined.

  Massage links  

About Massage; from the Mayo Clinic

About Massage; from Huffington Post

About Massage; from ABMP

About Massage; from Oprah / Women's Health

About Sports Massage; from About.Com

About Sports Massage; from LiveStrong.Com

Find therapists at 'USA Massage Therapist' (click here)
Find massage therapists in your area.