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A. C. - McMinnville


3/9/2016. I walked in at 7pm on a Wednesday night, with no scheduled time, out of desperation. My lower back had been hurting badly for weeks. It never gave me trouble before. Cameron gracefully took me in and did magic on my back. Rather than your typical massage, he asked me a lot about what was hurting, where, and what kind of pain I was experiencing. He takes trust and communication very seriously. He did some stretching technique I've never experienced before and in very little time I was totally pain free. One week later and I have had no more pain in my back. This man really knows what he's doing and seems to really care about his clients/patients. He is also the most affordable in town. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you Cameron!

C. M. - McMinnville


3/9/2016. I went with a really sore back. He listened to me, and really worked on my problem areas. He knows the body really well. I would really recommend coming here if you have any sort of injury or pain. He was super professional, the place was very calming. I was so zenned out after the massage I had to sit for a couple of minutes before I could get up. I also like the easy online appointment booking.

G. M. - South Carolina


6/24/2015. Arrived in McMinnville with terrible hip pain....picked Alderwood at random from google search. Camron was completely professional and continuously communicated with me to make sure we were on the right track. He used a combination of resistance, stretching and massage that I found more effective than massage alone. Facilities are clean and comfortable. A very important factor for me was that everything was pretty much odor neutral...this has not been the case at other providers and made this experience even better. The focus was very much on relieving my discomfort....I will be returning.

R. H. - McMinnville


6/11/2015 While being treated by a local chiropractor I asked for a recommendation for a massage therapists that would be almost like a physical therapist, dealing with specific medical issues. I have severe osteoarthritis resulting in issues with back, knees, neck and shoulders. I have had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders and at the time of inquiry, had recently undergone quadruple by-pass surgery. The chiropractor's recommendation was Camron Dunn, Alderwood Massage. I began a routine massage treatment (usually once a week) with Camron Dunn in 2012 and had continued this without a break until a recent three month series of EECP treatment in California. The EECP treatment I received was very beneficial and I did not continue with massage when I returned until last week. This prompted me to write a review as the resulting ability to get things done amazed me. I had noticed many times after massage therapy that I could suddenly tackle difficult tasks - the kind you want to put off indefinitely. I have high praise for Camron Dunn's ability to read where I most need attention and in a sense intuitively to match my awareness of what is needed - sometimes with dialogue and other times without words. My first visit identified him, in my mind, as a healer. It was apparent to me that his intent is to be in tune with his patient and find the specific technique to address the problem. I had seen a craniosacral therapist every week for years prior to my move to Oregon. Although he is not trained in craniosacral work I often experience similar benefits from his massage technique.

E. G. - McMinnville


2/13/2014. My husband and I love going to Cameron Dunn for our massage needs. I work at a desk and have a lot of repetitive strain injuries. Cameron is like a magician -- he finds the places where my body is out of tune and he actually fixes it. It isn't like a traditional massage -- I don't go to him for relaxation, though that is often a by-product. He is skilled at diagnosing the ways the body's overtaxed muscles and strains can put the entire system out of whack and fixing it through a combination of massage and release techniques. Alderwood has a lovely facility in downtown Mac, and Cameron generally has great, relaxing music wafting through the space. He takes his job seriously and is in constant communication with the client about the client's needs. I highly recommend him.

S. S. - Newberg


4/19/2012 Camron really cares about your physical well being. His goal is to get you better. He takes time to really understand what is going on with you, so he can treat you appropriately. Very nice office. Great communication.



4/11/2012 Cameron is an outstanding massage therapist. He tailor makes his massage to suit your needs, he listens to you, he treats you with dignity, he truly has healing hands. I recommend that anyone give him a try.

D. J. - Sheridan


3/28/2012 The first time I saw Camron, I contacted him on short notice the day I was having a miserable migraine. He was gracious and worked me into his schedule. I was in a lot of pain. His myofascial release and deep tissue techniques are excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone who suffers from migraines, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, the like. He elicits feedback...what works for you, where your sore spots are, how much pressure to use...and really works with you and your body to make you feel better. I have gone back 2 more times and plan to continue to go on a maintenance basis. How much better to see Camron to help me keep my energy and muscles moving than wait until I am miserable with a migraine.

R. B. - McMinnville


11/28/2011 I highly recommend Cameron's services. He's very professional, respectful of the client's comfort zone, affordable and you feel a whole lot better when you leave, than when you first walked in the door!!!

K. B. - Yamhill


11/24/2011 Very considerate, dignified, professional! As a senior citizen, it's the best I've ever had and I will definitely continue to get my massage from Alderwood Massage.

D. H. - McMinnville


11/30/2010 My daughter in law went to Camron Dunn at Alderwood Massage Therapy for a massage last week and recommended him. I went in yesterday and had one of the best massages ever! Camron is skilled in Swedish, relaxation, and sports massage. I was simply looking for some stress-relieving relaxation. His hands just had the right amount of friction, and the pressure was perfect. Interestingly, he does not use oils unless you request them. I found the massage perfect without them. Camron was very professional and respectful throughout. Comfortable surroundings. Excellent in every way.

J. S. - McMinnville


10/12/2010 Saw an ad in the paper...thought I'd give them a try. Professional - nice, quiet, private office and treatment room. Demeanor was 100% professional. Excellent communication - used a pain scale from 1-5 throughout treatment Therapeutic - focused on my shoulder, which has been giving me some problems lately. warm up, some active resistance, deep tissue. Thoughtful soothing background music/sounds, a place to hang your clothes. Comfortable temperature. Thorough - is able to do a general relaxation massage but you get more out of a session by focusing on problem areas I was sore the next day...but in a GOOD way. It was like I did an entire upper body workout the day before...but I didn't. End result was decreased pain and increased range of motion. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown. Entrance is around the corner at the back of the building. I highly recommend.