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Alderwood Massage Therapy has moved to 1709 NE 27th St, Suite J. See photo. Directions below.

My Mission is to Assist the Client to Maintain Health and Well-being through Massage Therapy.

Basic styles of Massage practiced at Alderwood Massage Therapy include but are not limited to:

Focused Therapeutic: Addresses specific client issues due to repetitive stress / strain, gardening, accidents, weekend warrior activities or just general dealing with life. Often involves client participation with more focused work on the areas involved and begins with Swedish style work in the general area(s). Minimal to no lotion is used to allow deeper warming of the tissue. Headaches and shoulder issues usually respond well to this style.

Relaxation: Swedish (or Western) style using a medium amount of lotion and largely incorporates long strokes and kneading of muscle tissues. Unless an issue is found that might respond better to Focused Therapeutic work the client need not participate beyond just enjoying the session. If an issue is found it would be the clients decision to switch styles to address it. 

Deep Tissue: Put simply, a deeper form of Swedish with a deeper focus used more for therapeutic results. Working down in layers is more productive than just jumping in with deep pressure.

Sports Massage: Pre and Post event, maintenance between events. Usually deeper work including client participation in stretching and movement. Similar to Focused Therapeutic but directed more to the needs of the athlete.

The needs of the client and the type of therapy they are seeking will determine the style of massage used. The client is in full control of the session. Often a session will use a blend of different styles for optimum benefit to the client.

I use a full body drape and with the client's permission, only the areas that the client requests to be worked on will be un-draped. I maintain professional boundaries working within the client's comfort zones. I expect the client to communicate any discomfort during the session whether it is in regards to pain, pressure, draping, the location of where the work is being done, temperature of the room or the position of the head rest. If the client is uncomfortable I want to hear about it.

Alderwood Massage Therapy is located in McMinnville at 1709 NE 27th St, Suite J. Turn North off 99w on McDaniel St (between McDonalds and the Ford dealership). 1709 NE 27th St will be straight ahead one block from 99w. Park in the rear parking lot. Coming in the rear entrance, take the second door on the left then my office will be the second door on the right, next to the East side exit door. Coming in the front (street) door take the third door on the right then my office will be the second door on the right. Occasionally, on Saturdays or evenings, the front and rear doors may become locked. The East side door adjacent to my office should be unlocked while I am in the building. Coming in the East side door, my office will be immediately on the left

Massage is by appointment. Appointments can be booked online.

I am a Life long Oregonian and have lived in the McMinnville area since 1959. My father, the late Dr. George Dunn D.C., was a local Chiropractor that had studied under and worked with Dr. Byron White D.C. for several years. My father began his McMinnville practice in 1959 and I grew up in a health provider environment. I have always enjoyed helping people. I studied Massage Therapy at the Salem campus of Oregon School of Massage with a few classes at the Portland campus. My Oregon Massage License number is 16243.

My wife, Debbie, and I built our home in the hills west of McMinnville where we raised our son, Khalen and daughter, Myriah. Khalen is busy building his business, Serenity Apiaries and gathering honey bee swarms. Myriah owns Mya's, an upscale salon near West Second St and Hill Rd here in McMinnville. My favorite pastime is hiking - usually in the hills around our home or the many hiking opportunities around our beautiful state of Oregon.

Increase Performance
Improve Circulation 
Reduce Headache Pain
Enhance Muscle Tone
Ease Anxiety
Prepare for Athletic Events
Improve Recovery Time
Strengthen Immune System
Reduce Blood Pressure
Relieve Muscle Tension
Increase Flexibility
Eliminate Fatigue
Prevent Injuries

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